chicken coop plan informationAre you interested in looking after chickens, but want to have a great looking chicken coop without having  to spend a small fortune?

If so, then you will need to carefully choose the right design for you, whether its a glamorous design or a basic chicken coop

No matter if you live in the city, or are out in the boondocks, if you own chickens you will need to have the best chicken coop plans you can find. Too often, people end up stringing up mesh wire and toss a crudely built house in the center. The problem with this approach is that these spaces aren’t large enough and don’t have all the features that will be needed to build a high quality chicken coop.

Ensure You Do Your Research

To help avoid problems and errors with your coops, you will want to spend some time looking over different chicken coop plans. The goal will be to find structures that will comfortably hold several chickens and give them a place to eat, a spot to roost and section known as the run.

While the research period will add some time to the building process, it will ensure that you end up with a safe space to live in. Of course, it also pays to plan in advance for these birds. It is generally a good idea to have four square feet per chicken in your coop.

Make Sure You Have a Budget in Place

Before you build anything, map out your budget to ensure that you can afford it. You should plan on having enough funds in place that there are four walls and the essentials for your chickens, before you ever purchase the birds. If you are on a tight budget, all is not lost.

plans for a chicken coop

Many people will find that recycle materials can be a great way to help offset your costs. Old pieces of furniture, dog houses and more are great ways to save money and still get the necessary structures. Be open to thinking outside of the box and using alternatives to help save money when building.

Of course, just like overspending, over building can also be an issue. Most chicken coop plans are designed for comforting chickens, rather than easy cleaning. The larger the area, the more you will have to clean. Try to stick to only building enough that the chickens have the space they need, without over doing things.

Ensure Your Structure Is Legal

The unfortunate truth is that not all areas are going to allow you to keep chickens. It is important that before you build anything, you ensure that you can legally have these animals on your property. Some areas may allow just a couple birds, while others don’t focus on the chickens, but restrict the ownership of roosters. In addition to this, you need to ensure that you meet any codes in place that are being placed on your structure to keep it legal.

Above all, keep in mind that owning chickens will be a major responsibility. After you have looked into the requirements that your chicken coop plans need to adhere to, you will then need to keep up with these birds. They will need to be fed and watered daily, while having their eggs regularly removed. Additionally, there will be a need to clean up their coop regularly so it remains a safe and sanitary environment.

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How Do I Get Started?

The quickest and fastest way to get yourself up and running with a chicken Coop and chickens is to follow a simple guide.  As part of  we review several of the top products that are specifically for people wanting to own their own chickens as well as providing the best coop possible.

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